Meet Gabriella Nassif.

​​​​​​​Whether in a boutique agency, a fast-paced tech setting, or a spunky startup, I’ve spanned the full spectrum of creative initiatives – from launching high-stakes promotions to fostering delicate, emotive customer connections. And though my background centers on e-commerce, home, lifestyle, and real estate, I am always eager to apply my skills to a new challenge. 

My work is driven by extensive research, data-supported insights, and a relentless focus on customer experience. With a secondary background in fine art, I often find that the best solutions incorporate traditional media and techniques. Hand lettering, painting, and illustration give my designs scroll-stopping power. ​​​

When I'm not at my desk, you'll find me exploring the beautiful Adirondack Mountains I call home (most likely with a sketchbook or camera in hand).
Brand Identity 
Art Direction
Creative Strategy 
Marketing Campaigns 
Web & Product Design 
Email & Direct Mail
Editorial & Catalogs
Event Stationery

Real Estate
PropTech Home 
Interiors & Lifestyle 
Packaged Goods
In this whirlwind world, good design encourages pause and delight. I strive to deliver those moments of inspiration.

Having identified a passion for creativity at an early age, I feel incredibly fortunate that it's become my career. I've enjoyed developing a nuanced personal aesthetic and perspective over the years – one inspired by heirloom craftsmanship methods, playful details, vintage design specimens, and the natural world. However, in practice I strive to approach solutions in a style-agnostic, open-minded manner that's ultimately guided by the target audience. As is necessary in an evolving industry, I continually refine my approach to reflect current tastes (without sacrificing timelessness or elegance).

An early mentor once described me as being "one of the kindest, most thoughtful, intelligent, and talented students we make." Gosh! Those words were so sweet to hear, and still encourage me when I'm feeling stuck. As it turns out, design and life are not all that different. In both pursuits, I strive to be empathetic, genuine, adaptive, and optimistic. My hope is that the work I put into this world breaks through the static and encourages people to pause. We could all benefit from some more precious moments of inspiration that we can tuck away in our minds. Looking at it this way, everything is an opportunity for design.
Creative Skills
Graphic Design
Illustration & Icons
Hand Lettering
Copywriting & Content 
Traditional & Digital Art 
Curation & Styling 
Surface Pattern Design

"Her taste level is supreme, her creative problem-solving is on-point. She'll take you through an entire Miro board of gems as she leads you to the diamond. She's a true collaborator that has mastered the art of being direct with a sweetness that's truly genuine – a pleasure to have on any team."

Katie O'Brien
Lifestyle & Luxury Brands, Wayfair
"Gabi’s impact on our team resulting from her passion for design, her extremely thoughtful approach to creative work, and general creative process was amazing! Other designers were sketching more, researching more, collaborating more, and just having more fun. She lit a fire in a few people including myself."

Matt McCall
Lindt & Sprüngli USA Inc.

Drawn to Type: Lettering for Illustrators by Marty Blake


International Creative Quarterly 54 Competition, Runner Up


Paul Leibowitz Award for Visual Communication & Digital Design

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