ImPerfect Produce
Studies show that up to 40% of food ultimately gets thrown away. Why? A large portion of the waste is due to harmless irregularities (like size and shape) that doom our fruits and veggies for the rubbish heap – before they ever make it to a store. Thankfully, ImPerfect Produce organic smoothies offer a tasty second chance for crops that don't meet pick-of-the-season standards.

Environmental issues are very near to my heart. But though we all try our best to eliminate food waste and reduce our carbon footprint, a little help is always welcome. This project was a great chance to try some new hand lettering and a punchy color palette, which I enjoy as much as a good fruit smoothie. 
Logo & Brand Identity
Art Direction of Product Shoot
Packaging Design 
Website Design
Hand Lettering
Photography Curation


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